Tuesday, October 7, 2014

English Essay week 3

Historical Sanctions in the book of Psalms

    The largest book in the Bible, numbering one hundred fifty chapters, the book of Psalms is a very important resource in this day and age. Not only does it provide a wealth of spiritual texts for meditation, teaching, and also signing (the psalms have been translated into English rhymes for signing and chanting), but they provide a view into the mind of King David and other authors of the psalms.
    One topic that is repeated often in the psalms is God's use of sanctions, both positive and negative. He provides for His people, gives them mercy when they follow His commandments, and He strikes down His enemies and those who would do ill to His people.
    The psalms speak of these sanctions often, and we see them reenforced in the rest of the scriptures. God provides positive sanctions for His followers, and He gives negative sanctions to His enemies.

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