Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Government Week Five essay

Federal Subsidies

If the people give power to a government to help them, they give just as much power to harm them as well. One situation in which this concept is applicable is monetary subsidies.
Where does the money come from that is being used for subsidies? The money comes from taxpayers. Taxpayers pay money to the government under the assumption that the government will use it to protect and better the country. But if the government gives subsidies to large corporations, then the money is not going where the taxpayers wanted it to go.
Since government is created by the people and for the people, then if the government puts taxpayer dollors toward something that will not benefit the people, or if the dollars go toward something that the people do not wish to put their money towards, then the government is not doing its job. None of this has to do with wether or not the government should be giving out monetary subsidies, it simply has to do with the logic behind Federal control along with subsidies.
In conclusion, we can say that if the people want the government to give Federal subsidies, there must also be some level of Federal control.