Tuesday, February 18, 2014

English lesson 40 Essay

          Writing dialogue from memory

          When writing dialogue from memory, is it best to write with accuracy of what was actually said, liveliness to make the narrative interesting, or with succinctness?
           I do not think succinctness is very important, as dialogue that is too concise is not very interesting, or realistic.
            Some degree of accuracy must be retained, or else your recollection will be untrue, but it is difficult to remember what exactly was said, so too strong a focus on accuracy would be unrealistic and tiring.
            Liveliness, however, is quite important for a good narrative that one enjoys reading. Though too much would certainly be unbelievable, the dialogue would be boring without it.
            In conclusion, I would say I believe that a good amount of both accuracy and succinctness are necessary, but liveliness is the most important for dialogue.