Monday, September 15, 2014

Literature week one essay

    Hierarchy in Genesis
    In the first three chapters of Genesis, the author of the book describes God's creation of the universe. He created light, matter, day and night, plants and animals, and lastly man.
    Since He created the universe, it would follow that He is in command of all He created, including mankind, Adam and Eve. He then gave dominion over the earth to Adam, and told him to name all the animals. After he had done this, God made Eve as a helper and a companion to Adam.
    Genesis then describes how the serpent tempts Eve and Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit. Now, even thought the serpent persuades Adam and Eve, it does not truly have power over them, and it ultimately answers to God.
    So in terms of hierarchy, God is in charge of everything that exists, Adam and Eve, or humankind, has charge of the whole earth and answer to God, and the serpent has no power over anything but tempts the hearts of man to do ill, yet it answers to God all the same.

History week one essay

    In the Old Testament, or the Hebrew Bible, it talks of a man named Abraham who was very important. Abraham was tested by God many times and proved faithful to Him, and God promised that Abraham would be a father of great nations.
    Now Abraham had a son named Isaac. Isaac lived a rather peaceful and uneventful life and had two sons, named Esau and Jacob. Jacob tricked Esau out of his birthright and out of their father's blessing, and Esau hated him for this so Jacob ran away to his uncle Labon. Labon had two daughters, and Jacob worked for him for fourteen years and ended up marrying them both; however, it was the younger daughter Rachel whom Jacob loved.
    Jacob eventually was renamed by God to be Israel. He had twelve sons, but only two sons from Rachel: Joseph and Benjamin. Joseph he loved the best, and his other sons hated him for this. They sold him into slavery in Egypt. However, he did very well in Egypt, and God was with him. He rose to be the right hand man of the Pharaoh and he helped Egypt prepare for a long famine.
    Now his brothers went to Egypt to buy food during the famine, and there Joseph revealed himself. The Pharaoh welcomed the Hebrews into Egypt and all was well. When Joseph and the Pharaoh died, however, the new Pharaoh did not like all the Hebrews in his land and enslaved them, and killed their male children so that they would not rise up against him.'
    At this time, Moses was born, and his mother hid him from the Pharaoh's men so that he would not die. He was found by the Pharaoh's daughter and adopted into the Pharaoh's family and grew up as an Egyptian prince.
    But one day Moses found an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave and killed the Egyptian. He ran then, and this was when he found the burning bush, God spoke to him through the bush. God told him to free the Hebrews from slavery and take them to the promised land. Moses, with the help of his brother Aaron, tried to convince the Pharaoh to let his people go, but the Pharaoh would not. God sent ten plagues upon Egypt, and on the tenth plague the Pharaoh's first born son died, so he let the Hebrews go.
    Moses was supposed to lead the Israelites to the promised land then, but they sinned against God and so He made them wander for forty years in the wilderness. Moses led them this whole time, but he eventually died before they found the promised land and he passed command to Joshua.